Join us in 2016 and realign for 24more. Ask yourself:

What gives me meaning and fulfillment?
Why do I do what I do?
Am I living my values? And… what are they?

2016 is a Leap Year.

We add 24 hours on February 29th to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical year. Let's see this extra 24 hours as a gift, one that iLEAP and Amani Institute want to celebrate with you.

We invite you to use this extra day to look inward, explore questions around who you are, what keeps you grounded, and why you do what you do. And how your experiences of happiness, purpose and social impact intersect with your work and your personal life!

We will be sharing your stories and videos here, and on social media, throughout 2016. This is a campaign to bring meaning to the gift of an extra day this year. Will you join us?