Roshan Paul, CEO of Amani Institite and Britt Yamamoto, Founder of iLEAP.

Roshan Paul, CEO of Amani Institite and Britt Yamamoto, Founder of iLEAP.

In mid-October 2015, we (Britt and Roshan, founders of ILEAP and Amani Institute respectively) decided to spend a day after the Opportunity Collaboration finished to just talk openly – without a pre-defined agenda – to see what came up.

That’s how we found ourselves having an early breakfast by the ocean on the west coast of Mexico and talking about the strange fact that we just give ourselves an extra day every 4 years – the Leap Day

"Isn't that amazing?", we thought. An extra day to do whatever we want with. Except we don't. We treat it like just another day. And both iLEAP and Amani Institute are organizations that focus strongly on the personal dimension of social change careers – we know that the challenge of making a difference in the world calls out for a clear understanding of who we are, what drives us, and how we take care of ourselves in the process of doing this work.  

We wondered, "what can we do to shed light that this could be a special opportunity for everyone to think about the alignment of our careers with our lives, of the connection between who we are and what we do?" An extra day to think about this in 2016 seemed like a priceless gift. And so the 24more idea was born!

About iLEAP

iLEAP is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire and renew social leaders and global citizens through integrated leadership programs that ignite hope and transformation in the world. The iLEAP vision is worldwide community of global citizens and innovative organizations who are connected through a values-based approach to leadership, committed to building strong global partnerships for social change, and working together to realize our fullest potential and celebrate our common humanity. To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Amani Institute

Responding to the widely perceived gap between traditional university and the marketplace for jobs, the Amani Institute's mission is to develop next-generation talent for addressing social challenges, through a unique Certificate in Social Innovation Management program, which has enrolled 95 Fellows from 29 countries since 2013. Amani Institute also conducts a range of customized training and curriculum development programs for foundations, universities, NGOs, and companies around the world. Amani Institute’s ultimate vision is to build much-needed capacity in civil society organizations, enabling more effective operations across the social sector.  To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.