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#Amman Find your life passion and a career you love

Shams community in Amman, Jordan, is joining the 24more campaign hosting an event on March 1st

The Leap Year is actually an amazing phenomenon. Come and join a special gathering to learn why, and how it connects to the big questions of your own life!

This Leap Year, Shams invite you to celebrate on March 1st joining a gathering of a selected number of individuals, in a safe space, to have a real dialogue that allows them to exchange ideas, stories, and passions.

What gives me meaning and fulfillment? Why do I do what I do? What is my passion ? 
you might have asked yourself these questions before, but In our busy lives it is common to hear "I never have enough time for that" or "If I only had an extra few hours in my day…"

Let's enjoy the gift of the extra 24 hours we have in 2016 as a priceless opportunity to reconnect and explore questions around who we are, why we do what we do in the world.

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Learn more about the event.