24more – The 2016 Leap Year Campaign

Amani Institute and iLEAP present 24more, the global 2016 Leap Year campaign that invites people to re-align themselves towards what enables them to sustain their work.

2016 is a Leap Year: a time when, every four years, an additional 24 hours finds its way into our calendars. Every four years we add these 24 hours so that we don’t experience “calendar drift”, to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical year.

The challenge

In Leap year 2016, Amani Institute and iLEAP are looking to celebrate the extra 24 hours in February as a gift used in service to its essential purpose – of re-alignment. 24more challenges people around the world to use this extra day to look inward and explore questions around who they are, what grounds them, and why they do what they do in the world.

The 24more campaign is less about doing something with the extra 24 hours, and more about being aware and grounded at the intersection of who you are and how you show up in the world.

Specifically, the challenge for 2016 is: "What will you do with your extra 24 hours to re-align and re-center yourself?"

How it works

On the 24more campaign website www.24more.life (online in mid January) videos, stories and tweets by leaders from different sectors will give meaningful examples of the various ways they center and/or re-align themselves in order to do their work.  

People of any country and background are invited to share their stories and thoughts and to organize meetings, events, or moment of private reflection on February 29th.

World Merit, Starting Bloc, the Opportunity Collaboration, Ashoka U, and the Global Gratitude Alliance have already joined the project as partner organizations and will help in spreading the message.

All activities will be associated with the specific hashtag #24more and a calendar of the events happening around the world will be constantly updated here, on the 24more campaign website.

The Campaign kicks off in early February and leads towards a crescendo on February 29th. However, stories will continue to be solicited throughout 2016.

We are excited about 24more and what it can inspire in people around the world. In our busy lives it is common to hear, ‘I never have enough time’ or ‘if I only had an extra few hours in my day…’ Well, in 2016 we are all given a gift of 24more. What are you going to do with it in service to positive change in the world?
— Britt Yamamoto, iLEAP Executive Director & Founder
As more people and organizations everywhere explore how to link their work with notions of happiness, meaning, purpose and social impact, these #24more hours in 2016 are a priceless opportunity to reconnect with those notions, which are what truly make us come alive.
— Roshan Paul, Amani Institute CEO and Co-Founder