Jump! With A Small Backpack

I used to think of  my career as a trajectory, a line with a defined direction. And that day, looking outside my office window late at night, I was wondering where that line was bringing me. I was at the top of my career  in journalism and I felt trapped on a high velocity train. I was not walking my own path. I wasn’t happy as I should have been, or deserved to be.

Less than two years later I'm enjoying a personal and professional Renaissance, in another country, doing another job. I made a leap and had my extra #24more time - even if it wasn’t a leap year and well... it took a little bit more than 24 hours to make the decision to resign my job and few months before I could make it happen. But finally I made it. 

Jumping could be the easiest part, but if you want to land in the right place you need a bit of preparation.  It’s like leaving for a long journey: you don’t need huge suitcases, you need the right stuff in your small backpack. To be safe, comfortable, agile. It’s more about letting things go, than bringing things with you.

For few months I felt light and joyfully lost. It looked like if I had broke in 1000 pieces the puzzle of my own life. The truth? It has been an amazing moment of exploration and awareness. With all my “pieces”, all my senses, all my thoughts ready to engage with new learning and new connections. 

Not always easy, of course, most of time fascinating. Today, I can say everything is falling back in place, in a new place, with a new equilibrium. Some pieces are gone, new pieces are completing the picture. Have I solved the puzzle? Not exactly…

Probably I’m just on my next level game. Where I enjoy my path with curiosity. I don’t know exactly what’s next on this journey, but I now why I am on this journey, this is my journey.

This is all I need to enjoy my #24more.

Francesca, Italy